Taking the broader perceptive of our clients' requirements

Wavetrend's smart and efficient solutions offer continuous, real-time automated tracking and data management for all tagged assets. Businesses using our hardware have complete control of their inventory, ensuring critical items and key personnel are visible at all times, anywhere around the world. We have particular strength in sectors where working conditions are hazardous or freight security is paramount, as our robust hardware leads the field in automated data reporting for high-risk environments.

Above all, Wavetrend offers seamless integration of its products into any organisation. A comprehensive redevelopment of our award-winning product portfolio was recently completed in direct response to clients and partner organisations' feedback about their tracking and security needs. Wavetrend is ready for RFID's future with technology that can be set up with the minimum of disruption and cost, and can be relied upon to provide detailed, relevant reporting for its users.

Cost-effective tracking, monitoring, management and reporting

Poorly-managed assets are a time-consuming and expensive burden for many companies, adversely affecting their bottom line. Wavetrend's solutions transform wasteful, labour-intensive systems, significantly reducing the costs associated with inventory and personnel management.

  • Automated data reporting cuts waste and improves productivity.
  • Rapid deployment means an asset tracking system can be up and running within days.
  • Total visibility gives you complete control of your inventory.
  • Instant notification of asset violations means complete security.
  • Compliance with government and industry regulators is simplified with detailed audit trails and reports.

Data reporting tailored to your needs

Whatever information you require your Wavetrend system to supply, it will do so in the most efficient way possible. Comprehensive asset visibility reports, where management can see the movement of all tagged items in and out of a particular site, offer complete confidence in your inventory. Tracing high-value assets throughout a facility, or seeing instantly whether your workforce is complete, is simple with Wavetrend's intelligent recording. Our streamlined reporting capability means you receive exactly the information you require, and are not burdened by a build-up of data that has no practical use.

Advantages of RFID in your business

The great advantage of Wavetrend's active RFID systems is how flexible the technology is in adapting to the needs of different kinds of business. Any organisation needing to track personnel or goods, to control access to sensitive locations, or to improve stock movement and inventory processes, will find active RFID offers the perfect solution.

Industries as diverse as mining, transport, healthcare and retail are using Wavetrend's cutting-edge technology to improve productivity and security, create streamlined, professional operations and move smoothly ahead of the competition in their field.