Increase the visibility of personnel and high-value equipment on construction sites

Wavetrend's rugged RFID hardware is particularly at home on constructions sites, providing complete visibility of high-value assets, such as trailers, excavators, forklifts, light towers and other specialised equipment. Key personnel can also be tracked throughout the site, ensuring complete visibility at all times. With its long read ranges and ability to perform in harsh, wet and metallic environments, Wavetrend's RFID technology is the superior choice for construction industry applications, including:

  • Inventory and equipment security.
  • Access control to sensitive areas/machinery.
  • Emergency staff communication and evacuation.
  • Time and attendance management.
  • Automated construction equipment leasing/plant hire.
  • Out-of-hours security at construction sites.

In the construction sector, Wavetrend and its partners have established a reputation for comprehensive, cost-effective management and tracking solutions that greatly improve on-site efficiency and safety for building and engineering projects.