Intelligent customised solutions ensure safety and security in a location or on the move around the globe

Health and safety in the workplace has become an issue of great importance over recent years, with ever-higher standards demanded of employers, particularly for industries where workers are exposed to hazardous substances or conditions. A Wavetrend active RFID solution can ensure that your personnel are safe and protected while onsite and our rugged, adaptable systems mean that you can easily comply with new health and safety directives and regulations as they arise.

A Wavetrend active RFID system, customised for your organization's particular needs, will enable you to:

  • Control entry to restricted areas, allowing access to qualified personnel only.
  • Monitor movement of hazardous goods and supplies, ensuring they are handled with respect.
  • Comply with all industry and governmental health and safety regulations.
  • Produce detailed reports for environmental and health and safety inspectors.
  • Avoid expensive compensation claims from staff and customers.
  • Set up our award-winning hardware with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure.

Whatever the application or environment, Wavetrend will supply a system that will meet all your health and safety monitoring needs. We can help protect your investment in both assets and staff, ensuring they are safe and protected at all times, and minimize revenue loss due to workplace accidents or fines for non-compliance with industry regulations.

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