Intellectual propery rights


This policy statement sets out the manner in which Wavetrend Limited and its associated companies ("Wavetrend") deals with its intellectual property rights ("IPR"), including how it obtains, exploits and enforces IPR.

As a highly innovative technology company, Wavetrend invests significant amounts of engineering and financial resources in developing its technology and believes in aggressively procuring, exploiting and, where necessary, enforcing its IPR. Wavetrend believes its IP Policy provides freedom to operate and will permit it to continue to business in the field it leads.

Wavetrend's solutions have significant market and technological advantages which are protected by its IPR and the company is committed to preserving and enhancing its competitive position through its strategic IPR portfolio management, including taking offensive and/or defensive legal action, as necessary. This policy is indicative only and Wavetrend reserves the right to take such actions and/or assert its intellectual property rights as it sees fit without prior notice.

To this end, Wavetrend's IPR matters are handled by leading law firm Rosenblatt Solicitors. Information on Wavetrend's IP rights is available from Chris Pulham, Partner, Rosenblatt Solicitors, 9-13 St. Andrew Street, London, EC4A 3AF, United Kingdom.

IP rights are critical to our technology offering.

Wavetrend deals with all types of intellectual property. Significantly, Wavetrend controls a growing number of international patent rights relating for example to our innovations in:

  • Active RFID tag, reader and solution designs
  • RF Signalling schemes and methods
  • RF Antenna designs
  • Data security methods

Wavetrend's international patent rights include those derived from the following patent and trade mark families indicated by the official numbers below:

Patents: PCT/GB2007/000734, PCT/GB2007/000735, PCT/GB2007/002052, TW96120057, CL3241-07, GC2007/9446, JO471/2007, PCT/GB2007/004283, TW96142659, IL145232, JP2000-602986, IL138223, JP2000-534971, IL138224, JP2000-534969, US6,232,877, GC2007/9582, JO512/2007, PCT/GB2007/004611 and TW96145865.

Trade Marks: US78/573,573, CTM004293957, ZA2005/02734, DE39963564, DE39963563, CA1296387, CTM004991741, CTM004991667, AU1121457, CA5385638, HK300648478, JP5028614, IL191436, IL191437, IL191438, IL191439, IL191440, IN1475306, SGT06/10250J, SGT06/10255A, SGT06/10251I, SGT06/10253E, SGT06/10257H, CN5835641, CN5385634, CN5385635, CN5385636, CN5385637, ZA2005/02735, ZA2005/02736, ZA2005/02737, ZA2005/02738, AU1140815, CN5835640, CN5835639, CN5835638, CN5835637.

Other recently filed applications remain pending and as yet unpublished.

Wavetrend is also the owner of further IPR which protect its service offering, software, trading style, technologies and other valuable business assets including but not limited to trade mark rights, rights in passing off and unfair competition, trade secrets, database rights, design rights and copyrights.


Unauthorised use of Wavetrend's IPR damages not only Wavetrend and its partners but the industry as a whole. The company does not tolerate unauthorised infringements of its IPR and will pursue infringers to obtain resolution and if necessary formal remedies and relief to the fullest extent possible, including injunctions, damages (and exemplary or enhanced damages if applicable) or an account of the infringers profits, and enforcement costs. Wavetrend continually monitors and reviews potentially infringing activities and has financial provision and management approval for taking legal action internationally, without notice if necessary.


Under certain circumstances, Wavetrend may be willing to enter into licensing arrangements to allow third parties to use its IPR. Wavetrend only grants licences in writing and each licence is subject to formally agreed terms and conditions. Nothing in this policy statement should be regarded as a waiver of any right or an offer of a licence and each instance will be treated on its own merits. Please contact Saleem Miyan, CEO, if you are interested in using or obtaining a licence to any Wavetrend IPR.

Third Party Rights

In certain circumstances, Wavetrend's processes may involve the use of third party IPR. It is Wavetrend's policy to respect third party IPR an not to knowingly infringe any such IPR. The Company believes it has taken appropriate steps to minimise the risk of infringing third party IPR. If a third party is aware of any of their IPR being used in an unauthorised manner in connection with Wavetrend's business, they are requested to contact Saleem Miyan, CEO, who will investigate the situation and reserves the right to unilaterally suspend relevant activities, if necessary.

Confidential Information

Information disclosed on securely accessible parts of Wavetrend's website will include, but not be limited to, that relating to or connected with products, operations, processing, developments, trade secrets, know-how, employees, officers, customers or clients, suppliers, plans, intentions, market opportunities, business affairs, memos, reports, interpretations and records or other information in whatever form which concerns Wavetrend business and affairs and is of a confidential nature (“Confidential Information”). You can use the Confidential Information for the purposes agreed to in writing by Wavetrend, provided that you keep in confidence any Confidential Information accessed on the Wavetrend website and do disclose any such Confidential Information to any person (other than employees or professional advisers, who need to know the Confidential Information and are informed by you that it is Confidential Information) without the written consent of Wavetrend. Confidential Information excludes any information which has been published other than through a breach of this policy and information obtained from a third party who is free to disclose it.

Governing Law

This policy is governed by the Law of England and Wales. Any disputes arising from or in connection with this Policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.