Track personnel and equipment for quick response in emergency evacuation

The safety of mining personnel is of paramount importance both to company bosses and government regulators. Meeting the rigorous health and safety standards in the sector, while running a modern, commercial enterprise, is a challenge that Wavetrend can help to achieve. Specifically engineered to withstand the harshest environments, our rugged RFID products are the ideal solution to address issues of workforce protection and hazard monitoring in mining and tunnelling organisations. Wavetrend and its partners in the mining sector design customised systems that:

  • Minimise safety risks by restricting access to potentially dangerous areas.
  • Count workers in and out of sensitive zones.
  • Instantly signal emergencies and dramatically reduce evacuation times.
  • Use add-on sensors to detect unacceptable levels of gas or radiation.
  • Track RFID tagged assets and reduce downtime due to lost or stolen equipment.
  • Wirelessly record and reconcile staff at muster stations in the event of an emergency.
  • Comply with industry regulations and provide accurate safety reports.

Offering solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems and require little or no changes to company infrastructure, Wavetrend's superior RFID technology ensures a compliant, secure and productive environment for all personnel within the mining and tunnelling sector.

NLT Australia Pty Ltd and Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd

Anglo Coal operates Grasstree Mine in Queensland, an underground coking coal operation with a large workforce. Mining involves some of the most challenging working conditions there are, as well as the ever-present danger of accidents, and Anglo Coal was keen to develop a system of underground communication to improve workforce visibility and safety and also offer improved productivity for the mine as a whole.

NLT has a wealth of expertise in the mining sector, developing tracking and safety systems that can improve operational efficiency and prevent mine emergencies. Using Wavetrend's rugged RFID hardware, built to withstand the harsh conditions at the bottom of a mine, NLT designed and installed an underground communications network that tracks both people and assets within the mine and relays the information in real time to the operators on the surface. Anglo Coal can now monitor the whereabouts of all their mining personnel, ensure that important equipment does not go missing between shifts and instantly locate key staff when they are required.

Anglo Coal's investment in an NTL/Wavetrend tracking solution has not only reduced response times during emergencies, ensuring maximum safety for their personnel, but has also greatly increased productivity. Grasstree runs a safe and efficient modern mine, with the active RFID communication network a key component of the operation.

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