Gain real-time visibility of personnel and valuable assets for instant emergency response

Oil and gas exploration is a uniquely hazardous sector where commercial interests must always be balanced with safety of personnel and compliance with industry regulations. A Wavetrend RFID tracking and audit system enables rigorous local and global health and safety standards to be met easily, while keeping administration costs low and minimising outlay on replacement equipment. Being able to pinpoint the location of critical equipment and personnel throughout an oil rig or gas field not only improves productivity, but also dramatically reduces response time in the event of an emergency. Wavetrend's industry-leading hardware is supremely suitable for applications across the oil and gas industries, offering:

  • Simple integration of Wavetrend's certified RFID hardware with existing systems.
  • Complete, round-the-clock visibility of all key staff and equipment.
  • Rugged RFID tags and readers, built to perform faultlessly in the harshest conditions.
  • Accurate tracking and reconciliation of personnel during emergency evacuations.
  • Automated access control for restricted areas.
  • Detailed audits and safety reporting, minimising penalties or operational shutdowns due to regulatory non-compliance.

The oil and gas industries require fail-safe systems for protecting their workers and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. Wavetrend offers high-quality, cost-effective active RFID tracking technology, delivering precisely those solutions and greatly improving operational efficiency for organisations in the sector.