Accurate, reliable view of inventory - in real time

Wavetrend's active RFID solutions offer unparalleled visibility of your company's inventory alongside real-time tracking of mobile assets. They vastly enhance management control over stock and equipment, and measurably improve the performance of your supply chain.

With a Wavetrend RFID system in place, you will:

  • Have immediate and enhanced visibility of activity, status and audit trails for containers and transportable assets such as pallets, cartons, bins, and individually tagged items.
  • Streamline your company's distribution chain by enabling your managers to track parts and finished product from supplier to factory floor to dealership.
  • Improve management of reusable transport assets, eliminating expensive delays due to unavailability of key items.
  • Benefit from real-time visibility of monitored assets, whether on-site or in-transit, across both local and global supply chain routes.
  • Be confident that Wavetrend's rugged active RFID products can withstand any harsh environments and rough handling they might encounter in manufacturing plants or outdoor storage yards.

An efficient and well-managed supply chain makes an enormous difference to the bottom line of any organization. With Wavetrend's comprehensive and cost-effective systems, your company benefits from a solution that slots easily into your existing infrastructure and will ensure the highest degree of control over the end-to-end supply chain for your goods. If required, these systems can be extended to include tailored facility and personnel management, improving your company's results across the board.