24/7 visibility and intelligence in transport and logistics application

Goods shipped via land or sea can be closely monitored throughout their journey using Wavetrend's freight solutions. The seamless integration of our RFID hardware, which requires little or no change to the infrastructure of your existing systems, means that costs remain low, while you receive an unrivalled service. The location and status of valuable assets in transit anywhere around the world are immediately visible, vastly improving your operation's security, efficiency and profitability.

Wavetrend's global freight security solutions enable you to:

  • Rapidly create a superior supply chain system with minimal investment.
  • Track freight and other assets on multiple devices including PCs, PDAs or mobile phones.
  • Benefit from Wavetrend's weather and shock-resistant RFID units, offering fully reliable reporting even in the worst conditions.
  • Program your units to sense and make use of the lowest cost and most accessible communication technology in any location.
  • Further enhance your freight's security with our add-on sensors, providing information about temperature, light, humidity and vibration.
  • Receive instant alerts about unexpected events such a route deviation, unauthorised container opening, loss of tagged assets, attempted tampering, delays, or excessively rough handling that could damage goods in transit.
  • Use multiple modes of internationally standardised wireless communications including GPRS, SATCOM, GPS, GSM, and ZigBee wireless mesh networks.

Wavetrend's global logistics expertise offers unparalleled visibility for your worldwide freight during every leg of its journey. Our comprehensive, cost-effective RFID solutions, tailored precisely to your needs, virtually eliminate the expense and inconvenience associated with freight theft and damage, as well as providing the extra level of security needed when operating in hazardous areas.